Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Still a Narcissistic Scumbag After All These Years

After failing as an intern, after becoming a national laughingstock and punching bag, after still being unable to live her life in obscurity where she belongs, Monica Lewinsky has decided to glom onto the "cause" of "bullying" in order to con people into feeling sorry for this narcissistic piece of shit and perhaps remind a few voters why they should not cast votes for the woman she helped hurt and humiliate, Hillary Clinton.

There are no words strong enough to voice my utter disgust and contempt for this bitch. She comes out of the woodwork--again--just in time for Hillary Clinton being on the verge of winning the Democratic nomination and likely the presidency. Now this good-for-nothing ex-groupie, or perhaps even current groupie, tries again to capitalize on her dubious fame.

Let's not forget: This scumbag, an adult at the age of 22 some twenty years ago, deliberately set out to screw the president of the United States, coming from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, "working" as an "intern"--not, as many liars contend, working directly under the president. She had a mother who like her pursued unavailable celebrities. Monica had a history of screwing married men including one of her high school teachers, as I recall. So, seeing her big opportunity to bag Bill Clinton, as he was going through the stresses and pressures of the government shutdown engineered by Newt Gingrich's GOP back in 1995, she willingly performed foreplay with him in the Oval Office. Then she compounded this stupidity and scumbaggery with shooting her mouth off to Linda Tripp, who was more than willing to pass along what she knew for her own partisan and personal reasons. The rest, as we know, is history and should remain in the past.

We also should not forget that at the time she was having her non-existent "affair" with the president, she got knocked up by a boyfriend and had an abortion. Thank God Clinton never consummated this stupid arrangement, so at least there was one good thing about it.

Clinton deserved criticism for humiliating Hillary and daughter Chelsea, and for a time Hillary kicked him out of the White House bedroom, as Bill recalled in his memoirs. However, whatever problems there were between the two they managed to work them out. Forty-one years after the two of them married, they are still together. Hillary Clinton could have easily lived without him, as she was a highly accomplished attorney who had been the primary breadwinner of the household in the years before they arrived at the White House.

And what has Lewinsky done? Promoted her dubious notoriety again and again, turning it into a cottage industry. This narcissist has utterly no conscience over what she did to the people she hurt. She should have apologized personally to Hillary and Chelsea, changed her name, and dropped out of sight. If she had, I would have felt more sympathy for her, but as it is, I do not.

Any "feminist" who thinks this piece of shit is any kind of person worthy of sympathy should have her stupid head examined.

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Joseph said...

I've gone back and forth on Monica, and I definitely wish she would stay in the shadows until after the ballots are cast in November. She should NOT be a factor in this election.

That said, I actually like her. She was very impressive in her TED talk. She has never said one word to justify the right-wing narrative -- that is, she never said "I was sexually abused by the President." Instead, she said "I fell in love with my boss," and she said those words apologetically.

I think she was just a very emotional young lady who simply was not thinking straight. And something similar could be said about Bill.

But we are agreed that she should stay out of things until later...otherwise, she will once again be playing a role in the right's storyline.