Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Reads

Playing the "Lewinsky card" is the kiss of death to anybody who promotes it.

Sanders is looking the other way because he knows his campaign is finished.

Tuesday should seal the deal once and for all.

Old widower marries male golddigger/nursemaid. Would this stunt even be worthy of congratulations and praise if this had been a much-younger woman?

Poor people are voting for Clinton and not you, Bernie, that's why.

It is too bad it is largely the right that has been on the side of public safety and common sense, while self-styled liberals, including idiot politicians, continue to sell women down the river. This petition regarding Target's wrongheaded transgender bathroom nonsense has close to a half-million signers.

As this video makes clear, these laws and policies are basically giving men the license to rape and sexually harass women.

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