Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Reads and Etc.

I tried to find some information on the WCSD principal who was suing the district over wrongful termination. Both parties were required by the Nevada Supreme Court to go through a settlement conference. January came and went, but apparently neither side could reach an agreement.

This is what the website says:

01/29/2016 Settlement Program Report Filed Final Report/No Settlement. The parties were unable to agree to a settlement of this matter. 16-03215

Here is the PDF.

Therefore the case is still tied up in the courts.

That is why none of the Reno media have come up with anything new.

Here is the appeal document. It gives the background of her termination.

Reading this decision, I could have clearly appealed the arbitration award back in 2008, despite nonsense from the "association's" attorneys I couldn't except under very narrow grounds.

This never happened in my case:

Based on a plain language reading of CBA Article 18.1, the Court finds there are thre(
mandatory provisions regarding dismissal and disciplinary procedures: an individual (1) shall 13(
given progressive discipline, (2) shall be given a reasonable opportunity to improve, and (3) shal
not be discharged without just cause. No ambiguity exists in Article 18.1 and the requirements an

At NO time was I EVER given the opportunity to "improve." The arbitrator in my case flagrantly violated Nevada statutes.

I can kick myself for not knowing I could have fought that bogus termination and won.

Donald Trump has won the NY primary.

Of course Clinton is going to win for the Dems, but the media are trying to drag it out.

MSNBC has declared her the winner, which is no surprise. I hope it is a massive blowout for her.

Clinton's win in New York has foreclosed any chance for Bernie Sanders.

Unless his cultists try and disrupt the Democratic convention.

How did Sanders fuck it up in New York?

Too many ways to count, I'm afraid.

It started with "whores" remark by a prominent supporter, and it went downhill from there.

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