Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Reads and So Forth

Yesterday I had some problems with the internet connection, but I am back, at least for the time being.

It appears that Target boycott petition by AFA has reached nearly three quarters of a million signatures in the past few days. I wouldn't be surprised if in a day or two it tops one million.

This catering to pervs needs to stop. Politicians and so-called "liberals" need to get a clue.

Of course Bernie Sanders is no longer a viable candidate and in truth never was. The primaries tonight in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware are just a mopping up operation for Hillary Clinton.

Trump might run the table tonight as well.


Today is National Pretzel Day, whatever that means.

I suppose it is appropriate on a key election day since politicians turn themselves into pretzels as a matter of course.

Donald Trump won all five primaries tonight, while Hillary Clinton has easily won Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. She also won Connecticut.

Sanders has won Rhode Island, which allows for crossover voting, i.e., ratfucking, in its primary.

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