Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Reads

Of course Sanders wasn't going to meet with the Pope, but his supporters are still peddling variations of the lie:

Even as this Bernie-Pope story gets more more complex by the day, here are the two things we know for certain: the Academy did not initiate the invite to Sanders for its meeting, and the Pope is not involved in any way shape or form. Sanders and his campaign have been parsing their words carefully on this issue, likely so they can claim they aren’t technically lying. But if their intent is to imply that the Pope or his reps invited Bernie to anything, or that Bernie is meeting with the Pope, their intent is to deceive.

All of this deception on the part of the Sanders campaign was timed to influence the NY primary by pandering to the Catholic vote.

I will bet after this Jeffrey Sachs is never again invited to the Vatican.

No matter how you slice it, Bernie Sanders ain't winning the Democratic primary.

After his NYDN interview debacle, there was no way in hell the paper was going to endorse Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

Tom Hayden supports Hillary Clinton for president.

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