Friday, April 15, 2016

Vergara Decision

For those interested in reading the California Supreme Court's unanimous decision yesterday throwing out the ludicrous Vergara anti-post-probationary status--misnamed "tenure"--for teachers case, here it is.

Multiple school administrators called by defendants testified that, under the dismissal statutory scheme, they are able to remove poorly performing teachers. Robert
Fraisse, former superintendent of Laguna Beach Unified School District, Conejo Valley Unified School District, and Hueneme Elementary School District, testified that he was
able to use various strategies for resolving dismissals short of the formal dismissal process. These included: letting poorly performing teachers know that there were
serious concerns, which often led to resignation; paying a small amount of compensation in return for a resignation; and working with teachers’ associations that could counsel
suspect teachers to resign. Other administrators testified that the majority of potential teacher dismissals are resolved through resignation, settlement, retirement, or remediation
rather than a CPC hearing.

You don't have to be "poorly performing," either. All you have to be is a whistleblower, critical of administration, over 50, have many years in a school district, "cost too much money," be a scapegoat for an incompetent or vindictive principal, or some other ridiculous reason to be destroyed by a school district.

The hearings are basically for those who naively believe they are unjustly accused when the districts rig the outcome all the time.

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