Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Donald Trump's Candidacy Should Have Ended With His Crap Remarks on Hillary Clinton

At least Bernie Sanders is calling Trump out on it.

Trump should get slaughtered in the election for that reason alone. This is a man who cheated on his first wife Ivana to take up with second wife Marla, and in turn cheated on Marla to take up with wife number three Melania. What he is basically saying is it is the woman's fault a man cheats. He apparently believes that in his own case. Virtually all of the sex "scandals" of Bill Clinton were manufactured by the Scaife brigade for political reasons, since the right was terrified the Clinton presidency was a threat to the GOP's long-successful "southern strategy." The Monica "scandal" wasn't even a real affair, just some clumsy foreplay in the Oval Office during the height of the D.C. shutdown. Clinton slipped up thanks to the extreme pressure he was undergoing. Hillary sure as hell didn't let him off the hook--he was kicked out of the WH bedroom for something like a month, with the late, great Buddy being Bill's only source of solace. She certainly didn't "enable" him. She didn't need him at all for she was fiercely independent and had her own considerable abilities. I think BC had to do a whole lot to make things right with her and Chelsea for the marriage to have endured.

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