Sunday, May 08, 2016

Falling Apart at the Seams

The GOP is coming unraveled thanks to Trump winning the nomination for president in all but name.

The GOP has nobody but themselves to blame for this situation. They thought they could play the race card and continue their con of playing the division card in order for they and their elite backers to pick their pockets for generations. However, demographic changes are working against the future of the party. They simply can't play fair to "win" presidential elections anymore. In time, this will filter down to the congressional and state races, where they are stronger, especially on the state level.

I cannot see any possible way the GOP can win against Hillary Clinton this fall, at least fairly. They play the sexism card, and women of all political persuasions will take a hike and vote for her.

In the meantime, pass the popcorn:

By seizing the Republican presidential nomination for Donald J. Trump on Tuesday night, he and his millions of supporters completed what had seemed unimaginable: a hostile takeover of one of America’s two major political parties.

Just as stunning was how quickly the host tried to reject them. The party’s two living former presidents spurned Mr. Trump, a number of sitting governors and senators expressed opposition or ambivalence toward him, and he drew a forceful rebuke from the single most powerful and popular rival left on the Republican landscape: the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan.

Rarely if ever has a party seemed to come apart so visibly. Rarely, too, has the nation been so on edge about its politics.

It is called payback. Trump is there to ensure a Clinton victory in the fall. The GOP knows it, and they are cooked.

Of course I could be wrong here. But I doubt it.

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