Monday, May 09, 2016

Monday Reads

Obituary: A familiar face from television's first couple of decades, William Schallert, 93, has died. He was known for his roles in The Patty Duke Show and Dobie Gillis. He died just a few weeks after former co-star Patty Duke passed away.

Schallert also made a number of movies.

The Preakness field is beginning to take shape.

Bernie Sanders--remember him--is still in the race trying to sell a fantasy agenda.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is focused on the general election, while Donald Trump is doing his damnedest to lose thanks to his cracks about the Clintons' marriage.

He really shouldn't talk. Glass houses and all of that.

Good for North Carolina. At least somebody knows what Title IX is meant for, and it is not for men in dresses.

Obama and his administration need to quit making shit up.


This is going to end badly if this trans crap isn't stopped.

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