Friday, May 20, 2016

Reads for Friday

A sane person who actually was involved in the civil rights movement shames the idiot trans and all of the stupidity of those trans trying to gain access to women-only spaces.

I suspect the comments will be turned off here as well.

I thought I couldn't be shocked but that Charlotte Observer editorial from last week was beyond the pale. Like I said, it skirted the edge of free speech protections as it basically advocated for the rape and sexual harassment of women and girls by men in women-only spaces. Women and girls were basically told to "get over it" and "get used to men" jacking off to them in locker rooms and restrooms all the while these pervs claim they are expressing their "gender identity." There is "nothing to be afraid of" according to these editorial writers who sound all the world like sex offenders. Jesus Christ, can this trans movement be more goddamned obvious as to its true intentions?

It has nothing to do with "civil rights" but about destroying appropriate boundaries in order to jack off.

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