Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Reads for Tuesday

Obituary: Narrator Peter Thomas, whose voice could be found everywhere but especially known as the "voice" of the popular Forensic Files television series, has died at the age of 91.

Upon returning to the States, Peter Thomas traveled to New York and fell right back into voice work there. He connected with Walter Cronkite to produce "The Jack Paar Show."

"I did that for eight years. They offered me a chance to do the 11 o'clock news. But then corporate sent these contracts over saying I couldn't do anything but CBS news programs," Peter Thomas said. "I wanted to do documentaries and commercials as well and didn't want to limit myself. It wasn't for me. Later, Walter told me I made the right decision. He said, 'They made me retire at 65.' And, I said, 'I'm still going as long as the voice holds up.'"

That is exactly what Peter Thomas did, working until almost the end .

Along with narrating all 403 episodes of "Forensic Files" over its 17-season run, the legendary voice-over actor has a body of work too numerous to list here. He also won innumerable awards, but the one he was most proud of was receiving an Oscar for "One Survivor Remembers," an HBO documentary about concentration camp survivor Gerda Weissman Klein.

It is nutty enough for Donald Trump to try and play the JFK assassination card on Ted Cruz's dad, but I would be more concerned if he tried to connect TED to the murder.

Ted, of course, was born in Canada in 1970, around seven years after the assassination.

I have technical difficulties with the internet today, so I am typing from a library computer.

I doubt I will have the results of the Indiana primary, which no doubt will go to Trump and Clinton, before I have to leave here.

Trump has been declared the winner at this time, while Clinton was well ahead of Sanders. I assume she will win, just as I said earlier.

Rachel Maddow wasn't too happy with Bernie Sanders' latest strategy.

Delusional, thy name is Bernie Sanders.

A famed lesbian activist finds out she is not wanted because she believes being male or female is a matter of biology and not of "feelings" or idiot identity crap.

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