Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This Is One Reason I Have My Doubts Trump Will Win

How in the hell can anybody expect to run, let alone win, against the first woman in American history to run as a major party standardbearer?

The bottom line is one cannot without alienating 52 percent of the population and the majority of voters.

This is the thing Trump will have a near-impossible task of doing. He is trying to reel Bill Clinton into his critiques of Hillary Clinton because it makes him feel a bit more comfortable going after her without coming across as a sexist ass.

However, it makes him MORE of a sexist ass by dragging Bill Clinton into it and spouting off on all of those Scaife-financed "scandals" of twenty years ago.

Moreover, Trump is a hypocrite because he invited the Clintons to his third wedding:

If the Clintons were that horrible, it doesn't say much about Trump's judgment of character, does it?

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