Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday Reads

Obituary: Former senator Robert Bennett of Utah, 82, has died from complications of a recent stroke.

Of course the fallout from the Tuesday Indiana primary meant the deaths of the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, and probably the death of the GOP's chances in the fall for at least the White House.

Somebody who tells the truth about the trans bullshit will likely be censored by these crazies without a clue:

While I fervently support TGs’ rights to transition and to do so without

fear of reprisal, I believe that the whole phenomenon of switching

one’s gender is a mass delusion.

For one, the physical manipulation involved in transforming oneself

into a man or woman is apparently different in kind—or so the

transgender community presumes—from the nips and tucks undertaken

by the trophy wife or celebrity, anti‑heroes of a materialistic culture

with whom the TG, having taken advantage of the same merchandising

of the body promoted by commercialized medicine, bears a strong

and unfortunate resemblance. The general public almost universally

disapproves of plastic surgery and laughs derisively at celebrities who

present a face “different from the one they rode in on,” as one commentator

referred to their futile—and often ruinous—efforts to roll

back the hands of time. The obscene trout pout of Donatella Versace,

the misshapen nipples and oblong breasts of Tara Reid, the Joker’s

grimace of Kim Novak, are all fair game for that most American and

democratic of blood sports, the desecration of the rich and famous in

tabloids and gossip blogs.


Another Clinton "scandal" bites the dust.

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