Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Reads

The California primary is a week away, but Governor Jerry Brown has decided to endorse the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

HuffPo published and then deleted a crazed "article" about the Clinton Foundation that simply wasn't true.

Obituary: Jan Crouch, who with her late husband Paul founded the popular religious television network Trinity Broadcasting Network, has died following a stroke.

Paul Crouch died three years ago.

Born Janice Bethany in Columbus, Georgia, she was the daughter of Edgar and Laurie Bethany. Her father was a preacher and official in the Assemblies of God denomination.
She would meet her future husband through a church event.

In a 2007 TBN newsletter, Paul Crouch recalled seeing her at a camp meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota, where her father was preaching.

"Heads turned (especially the boys) as a slight, beautiful angel seemed more to glide than walk toward the front of the auditorium," Crouch wrote. "Head down — timid it seemed to me -- yet the bright red dress contrasted with the retiring, even shy, demeanor of this stunning young lady!"

The Crouches were wildly successful and of course they, like Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, got criticized for their lavish lifestyles.

Neoliberalism should be scrapped for what it is and tossed into the trash can of history.

It was always crackpot, pushed by crackpots, and has done a hell of a lot of damage.

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