Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why the Trans Cult Will Never Win

At least in the long term, if not in the near term:

This piece, incredibly from the left, nails this whole transgender shit on the head as the annihilation of women's rights, including women's rights to safety from male violence, and does it in a succinct fashion.

"Gender identity" is the biggest load of bullshit ever. This should never be codified into law, and "transgenders" should not have any accommodations at all. I say that because crossdressing is not a biological fact--it is simply a hobby or a fetish for the overwhelming majority. Leave the crossdressing at home, where it belongs if one has a kink of that sort.

Women are not oppressed based on our identities, we are oppressed on the basis of our female biology; for example, in situations where our fertility is controlled by men (in forced marriage, laws against abortion, etc) and in situations where we are sexually exploited (in human trafficking, rape and incest, etc).

These human rights abuses do not occur because of our “identity” as women, but because men know that we are female and they have the power to use our female reproductive systems for their sexual pleasure and to create their offspring.

If people can simply decide to be the opposite sex, then a material analysis of women’s oppression cannot be done. Men who commit violent crimes against women can be recorded legally as women due to gender identity laws, which obscures the statistics on which sex is really committing those crimes, and violent males who are imprisoned can be imprisoned with other women, making incarcerated women vulnerable, because transwomen cannot be named as males.

Without being able to name humans as male or female, women have no hope of being able to protect ourselves from the crimes men commit against us.

Transgenderism is a hate movement against women. Period. It lends itself to all kinds of abuse against women.

It should not be tolerated. The surgeries and hormone treatments should be outlawed as medical quackery and human rights violations.

I have always been opposed to this, going clear back from the early 1970s while still in high school, and I am just as opposed today.

This garbage should have died with George "Christine" Jorgensen.

There is a lot of speculation as to why Obama is so bent on destroying women's rights. He has ties to James Pritzker, a billionaire with way too much money and too much time on his hands, a man who wears a wig and a dress and calls himself "Jennifer." Of course he doesn't "pass" as female--none of them ever do and looks laughable in drag. James Pritzker was born in 1950. This Pritzker is related to an Obama official, Penny Pritzker. I suspect there is some kind of quid pro quo here so that Obama can get some major donations from this weirdo to help him set up his presidential library.

It is a rumor running around about this connection. Obama didn't make a major stink about transgender issues until recently. It makes sense there is some kind of deal going on behind the scenes.

I mean, Obama has violated the law before with his stupid RTTT edicts through his former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, but this is way, way, way beyond the pale.

Even for him.

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