Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Reads

Obituary: Hockey great Gordie Howe, 88, has died:

The Hall of Famer played on four Stanley Cup championship teams in Detroit during a 25-year stint that began in 1946. He retired from hockey for good when he was 52.

Recent years had been challenging for Howe.

Memory loss from the early stages of dementia became a problem even before his wife, Colleen, died in 2009 after battling Pick's disease, a rare form of dementia similar to Alzheimer's.

Howe suffered two disabling strokes in October 2014. His family said his health had improved after he underwent a stem-cell treatment as part of a clinical trial in Mexico.

Just wait until the lawsuits when women are assaulted by these so-called transgenders.

Public attitudes have changed over the years over the idea of a female president.

Gloria Steinem talks about why Hillary Clinton is the right woman at the right time to be president.

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