Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It Took Fifteen Months

but I was able to finish the first draft of my autobiographical novel, with the working title of Lesson Plans. Pulling much of the story out of my own life, it is the story of a fired teacher who exacted revenge on her principal after he fires her in an attempt to cover up his sexual misconduct.

It was pretty cathartic to write about it after what had happened to me some eight years ago, but I enjoyed writing it. I am not a big fan of Kindle, but the good thing is a person can actually publish works and get it out there even if there is a ton of competition involved, just as there is in the real world of publishing a hard copy book.

I expect the editing and revising will take a few months before I have the guts to put it on Kindle. I will also have to pay somebody to do the "design" on the "cover." That will take some time as well.

I am also looking into the possibility of using a pen name.

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Bob said...

How 'bout "Samantha Duffy?"