Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Loudmouth Sexist Tries to Shut Up Woman

Didn't work, did it, Bernie?

He should have dropped out months ago, even before the primaries when the video of his support for Fidel Castro in the middle of the 1980s--still during the Cold War--came out. It was irrefutable proof he was unelectable. But no, he continued with his futile quest. Whether or not he is a knowing tool of the GOP, he is engaging in ratfuckery regardless.

The longer he stays in, the more obvious the ratfuckery appears.

In any case, he is one of those men typical of the 1960s New Left. Those men were the absolute worst, even worse than the men on the right, because they denigrated women to the point the only thing they regarded women for was screwing on these men's terms. I would bet Sanders is a real piece of work at home in Vermont since we know he treats wife Jane like crap. I am sure he is lord and master in the Sanders household, with her having to cook dinner and having it ready on the table by 6 p.m. She probably has to pick up after him and fetch him his slippers. It is hard work, after all, being a "revolutionary," despite his total lack of any achievements at all in D.C. other than being the Ted Cruz of the left.

If you were around during the late 1960s--early 1970s, you know the "left" men always were sexist jerks. They still remain sexist jerks. That is because they worship sexual liberation and regard women as subhuman, as meat, as long as these guys can jack off. That is why are so big on porn and prostitution--using the ludicrous "choice" "argument" which is no argument at all except in support of the male sex right--instead of looking at the truth these are human rights abuses. It is all about unfettered sexual access with no regard for the feelings of others. These guys, however, like to pretend they are so much better people politically than the men on the right, ridiculing their religious beliefs while peddling pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo in support of their moral superiority--but they are simply more sneaky in their sexism.

With Clinton's candidacy and likely election, the sexism is now out on full display on the "left."

Sanders is typical of the sixties New Left male. He is a sit down, shut up, make my coffee and spread your legs type of New Left misogynist.

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