Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Reads

I don't think there was any point to the Sanders campaign other than it was a televangelist-style moneymaker for a man in the twilight of his life.

Sanders should just quietly fade away back to the Senate.

Mateen was an Elliot Rodger-type whackjob and not a "terrorist." Of course the media are so in the tank for Donald Trump simply because he is good for ratings they don't care what the facts are.

The effect was immediate, with all major TV networks and newspapers pivoting from the terrorism angle to the shooter’s “troubled past.” The lesson, the attorney said, is that it’s hard – but not impossible – to make Americans see beyond Islamist extremism in cases of Muslim attackers.

It plays right into the xenophobia crap and paranoia about "terrorists." Mateen and all of the others are not "terrorists" in the political sense of the word. They are batshit crazy mass killers.


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