Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Obituary: Bernie Sanders Campaign

Sanders' campaign has been a dead man walking since the Nevada caucuses in February, but last night, with Hillary Clinton's decisive win in California, it is over for him. D.C., which has a primary next week, will be won by Clinton by an even greater margin.

The problem, as the article makes so devastating clear, is it isn't his aides who are pushing forward with this fruitless quest for whatever at July's convention. It is Sanders himself, the old sixties New Leftist misogynist, who is pressing forward against the first woman who has ever won the nomination for president of a major political party in the United States. He would never have pulled this shit with Obama for certain. He endorsed Obama back in the 2008 primaries.

Whether this dipshit actually tries to run as a third party candidate remains to be seen. I rather doubt it, but you never know. If he does, then it will be obvious to all he is doing the dirty work for the GOP.

I maintain the entire Bernie "movement," which needs an enema to remove it from the body of the Democratic Party, was and is based on sexism.

But more than any of them, Sanders is himself filled with resentment, on edge, feeling like he gets no respect -- all while holding on in his head to the enticing but remote chance that Clinton may be indicted before the convention.

What "indictment"? This email thing is just another Whitewater bunch of nothing.

Convinced as Sanders is that he’s realizing his lifelong dream of being the catalyst for remaking American politics—aides say he takes credit for a Harvard Kennedy School study in April showing young people getting more liberal, and he takes personal offense every time Clinton just dismisses the possibility of picking him as her running mate—his guiding principle under attack has basically boiled down to a feeling that multiple aides sum up as: “Screw me? No, screw you.”

This is the textbook example of an egomaniac, a narcissist, a sixties college "revolutionary" who has never grown up.

Comparisons to Trump are apt here. With Trump, though, one doesn't know where the bluster of Trump ends and where the real one begins. I have read many accounts that the real Trump is nothing like the Frankentrump of the campaign. However, it is clear Sanders is exactly the same egomaniac in private that he is in public.

Good riddance to him and his brainless Berniebro cultists.

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