Saturday, June 11, 2016

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If convicted, I hope this asshole never gets out of prison.

Mitt Romney seems to think the future of the GOP is dire.

The GOP has only itself to blame for its predicament.

Obituary: Anti-freeze murderer Stacey Castor, 48, has died in prison.

She was profiled on a number of shows, including Snapped and 20/20.

After a four-week trial, Castor was convicted of murdering her husband, David Castor, in 2005, and attempting to murder her daughter, Ashley Wallace, in 2007. She was also convicted of forging her husband's will.

Castor killed her husband by administering antifreeze to him with a turkey baster; his death was originally considered a suicide. She then attempted to kill her daughter with pills mixed in a concoction of soda, juice and alcohol.

Castor planted a fake suicide note with her dying daughter, in which she tried to blame her daughter for David Castor's death and the death of Stacey's first husband in 2000.

Though never proven, Castor is believed to have also poisoned her first husband, Michael Wallace, in a death originally attributed to a heart attack.

The Sanders candidacy always was rooted in racism and especially sexism.

When people say that Clinton stole the election or that Sanders is the true winner, what they are really saying is that Sanders may not have had the most votes but he had the right kind of votes. This is a theme that has been running through the entire primary. Sanders supporters tell female Clinton supporters that they are only voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. They explain away the fact that black voters are voting for Clinton in droves as black voters just being ignorant when it comes to politics. It’s not surprising that now that Clinton has won the primary on the backs of woman and POC, those same people would loudly proclaim that Sanders is the true winner. They haven’t respected the votes of women and POC through the entire process, so why would they start now?

These same people who ask for a fairer election want to tip the election in favor of white male voters. They believe that Sanders’ voters, which are made up disproportionally of white men, should count for more than the votes of people who voted for Clinton. In a piece this week at The Daily Beast, Barret Holmes Pitner wrote about the white entitlement of Sanders supporters, saying that “the entitlement to believe that you should always win allowed them to overlook how the system in many ways has always been unjustly rigged in their favor because they’re white.” I couldn’t agree more. This is the same entitlement that allows the white, male Sanders voter to believe that his vote should count more than the votes of women and POC who he believes are voting only out of ignorance or identity politics. In his mind, only white men are “unbiased” when it comes to politics, so his vote should be considered more important. Hillary Clinton may have gotten more votes overall, but she lost the white male vote and that’s what really matters. Under that criteria, it makes sense that they would also believe that the superdelegates should override these votes at the convention and give the nomination to Sanders.

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