Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sunday Reads

The GOP has always had a "woman problem" which is exacerbated by the Trump candidacy.

Bernie, I hardly knew ye.

Some of us saw through him pretty early in the primary game, at least those of us who didn't have him as a U.S. Senator. He is so much like Dennis Kucinich although Kucinich always campaigned as a Democrat. I am thinking more along the lines of personality traits which made it impossible for either man to have much influence in Washington.

I also don't think Kucinich, who is mostly an egotist, is a brazen liar like Sanders.

The biggest quibble I have about the piece is the insinuation HRC got to where she is because of her marriage to WJC. Never mind she was the main breadwinner of the household when Bill was governor of Arkansas, made several times what he made, and could have gone as far as she wanted to despite--not because of--her husband. She in fact enabled him to pursue his political career because she made a high salary as a lawyer. In no sense will she ever be a puppet for Bill when she is elected president. That is what pisses people, especially men, off. She never knew "her place."

Stupid assed Sanders still tries to play the conspiracy card.

Screwed-up, woman-hating, outright mentally ill men absolutely adore Donald Trump for what they perceive him to be, which is screwed-up, woman-hating, and outright mentally ill.


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