Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throw-Up Thursday Reads

Trump is careening towards the political ditch, and there is nothing the GOP can do about it.

They aren't going to replace him but rather write off this fall's election and try to regroup.

Problem is they may be out of power for a couple of generations. The party is still strong on the state level, but eventually it will wane there as well.

It isn't "the shadow" that explains the secret of Donald Trump--it is the "id," short for "idiot," that explains it all.

It is nothing short of horrifying that pornography is being seen as a major source of "sex education" for young people.

This is terrifying especially if you are a young woman. What is being depicted in online porn is nothing less than outright human rights abuse. Nobody seriously argues these days that porn is harmless fun.

Men do not have the right to jack off by exploiting others. They do not have the inherent right to sexual access whether directly or indirectly.

This shit is allowed because of the stupid ACLU and judges in the 1970s, both having members I suspect consumed this shit, calling it "free speech." It never was "free speech" and it sure as hell isn't free speech now. Note these idiots make exceptions for child porn by claiming it is abuse and these kids by definition can't consent, but how in the hell is it different with ADULTS who may have been trafficked into porn and forced by economics to do this and claiming it is "consent"? Besides, more than a few of these "adult" performers are themselves underage.

It makes no goddamned sense. It is at bottom a distinction without any meaningful difference. If you are in pornography and prostitution, you never made a real choice in the matter. That is because of the money that is exchanged, and that money is inherently coercive. If you don't do what the porn makers require or what the john wants, you don't get paid. So people do this in order not to starve.

Nobody willingly goes into these industries if they have other economic options. They just don't.

Porn is incitement to commit violence against women. It is like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. Repeat, it is NOT "free speech."

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