Friday, June 24, 2016


Amazing this point of view was ever published, but it is the truth.

Transgenderism IS a hate group despite its trying to hitch itself onto various civil rights movements. It is a woman-hating movement of the worst sort. It basically annihilates women as a protected class.


Women are not oppressed based on our identities, we are oppressed on the basis of our female biology; for example, in situations where our fertility is controlled by men (in forced marriage, laws against abortion, etc.) and in situations where we are sexually exploited (in human trafficking, prostitution, pornography, rape and incest, etc.). These human rights abuses do not occur because of our “identity” as women, but because men know that we are female and they have the power to use our female reproductive systems for their sexual pleasure and to create their offspring.

If people can simply decide to be the opposite sex, then a material analysis of women’s oppression is impossible. Men who commit violent crimes against women can be legally recorded as women due to gender identity laws, obscuring the statistics on which sex is really committing those crimes. In prison, violent men can be incarcerated with other women if they identify as female, making those women vulnerable.

Without being able to name humans as male or female, women have no hope of being able to protect ourselves from the violence men commit against us, much less overturn the patriarchal misogyny that has oppressed and terrorized us for millennia. I implore Delaware’s legislators to consider these realities and remove the gender identity portion of the equal protection bill; do it for women’s sake – your own, your partner’s, your daughter’s and your sister’s.

You cannot be a feminist, support women's rights, and embrace transgenderism. It is like African Americans supporting the KKK.

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