Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What a Ratfucking Asshole

Bernie Sanders, totally defeated in the primaries, still is trying to throw his weight around trying to "reform" a party he has never been a member of until he started on his vanity candidacy.

Will the son of bitch try and run as an independent to help Trump? I doubt it, but I don't trust him anyway.

Yet Mr. Sanders chose to withhold his endorsement of Mrs. Clinton, several Sanders advisers said, because he wants her to take steps to win his confidence before the Democratic convention, where his supporters expect him to speak and Clinton advisers hope he will give her his full-throated backing.

Aides to Mrs. Clinton said she had never expected his endorsement Tuesday night. A statement from the Clinton campaign after the meeting described it as “a positive discussion about their primary campaign, about unifying the party and about the dangerous threat that Donald Trump poses to our nation.” They discussed issues like raising wages and reducing college costs, and “agreed to continue working on their shared agenda, including through the platform development process for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.”

Sanders should apologize for the crap he pulled during this election, including stoking all of the paranoia among his supporters that Clinton somehow "rigged" the primaries.

What a stupid ass.


KenRight said...

Hillary for prison.

OTE admin said...

You wish.