Friday, July 01, 2016

100 Years From Now, When Olivia de Havilland Will Be 200 Years Old,

"they" will still be talking about the infamous "feud" she had with her sister Joan Fontaine, who died in 2013 at the age of 96.

It isn't helping that Olivia herself, who looks great for being a brand new centenarian, in good health other than having macular degeneration, and is sharp as a tack, decided to break her silence over the matter:

De Havilland has mainly kept her silence on her version of events, but in the AP interview called the memories of her sister "multi-faceted, varying from endearing to alienating."

"On my part, it was always loving, but sometimes estranged and, in the later years, severed," she said, succinctly.

"Dragon Lady, as I eventually decided to call her, was a brilliant, multi-talented person, but with an astigmatism in her perception of people and events which often caused her to react in an unfair and even injurious way," she said.

What would she say to her if her sister were alive to celebrate her 100th birthday today?

"If Dragon Lady were alive today (for my birthday), out of self-protection I would maintain my silence!" she declared, revealing perhaps that not everything has been forgiven.


Myself, I believe their mother was more responsible for any animosity between the sisters and likely pitted one against the other.

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