Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention Live Stream: Day One

Several sites on YouTube and elsewhere have it, but here is one from the Sanders channel:

YouTube link and chat.

I am there in Philly in spirit, if not in person. I wish I could have made it this year.

Maybe 2020, if I am still alive.

The MSM are trying to pull the division nonsense. I am watching the convention on C-SPAN, and there is very little in the way of obnoxious behavior. If there is some jeering, it is being drowned out.

There was some booing at the very start, especially at a couple of African American speakers. Sanders apparently sent an email/text, and told those supporters to stop it. There has been hardly any negative vibe at all since.

It may have happened at the start, but the crowd has cooled it.

The Trump media are having a sad right now.

If I had been there, I would have been seated in the bleacher area where the Oregon delegation is. That would have been problematic for somebody in a boot.

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