Thursday, July 28, 2016

Highlights of Yesterday's Democratic National Convention

Everybody was talking about Obama's 50-minute speech, but like him as a president in general, I have never been impressed. Obama is not an orator but a lecturer, and his speechwriting skills leave a lot to be desired.

Truly, Michael Bloomberg should have edited Obama's speech. Bloomberg's speech was short and to the point. It was an absolute epic takedown of Donald Trump while at the same time a clear endorsement of Hillary Clinton. It took him 11 minutes to say what took 50 goddamned minutes for Obama to say, and it was far more effective.

Obama's speech:

Obama forgot to remember that this is supposed to be a support speech for Hillary Clinton,not an acceptance speech or a State of the Union speech.

Contrast that longwinded gasbag's verbal diarrhea to Michael Bloomberg's speech, by far the best of both conventions:

VP Joe Biden did well last night. I would rank his speech third behind Bloomberg and Bill Clinton for the best speech of the convention:

Lowlight was the Bernie or Bush idiots booing Leon Panetta:

HRC running mate Tim Kaine's speech:

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