Wednesday, July 06, 2016

It's Probably True

Fox News propagandist Roger Ailes is being sued for sexual harassment.

It isn't like he is centerfold material. Given the way women are sexualized on that network, it comes as no shock.

But Fox isn't alone.

I get really disgusted at the various cable "news" organizations employing what is in fact sex discrimination against women journalists and/or hosts by forcing them into sleeveless dresses, dresses that look like cocktail dresses rather than professional work wardrobes, ruinous high heels, even the showing of cleavage. Meanwhile, the men are dressed professionally in conservative dress with suits and ties. There is no attempt to sexualize the men. This is clear sex discrimination in dress codes. The news is not porn, and women should not be forced into porn-style attire. The women in these organizations should sue.

Getting back to the suit in question, Carlson's allegations are pretty damning.

I didn't know Carlson had been a Miss America. She held the title in 1989. This probably won her the title. She is a very good violinist. By not knowing about her beauty pageant past, you can tell I don't closely follow beauty pageants believing as I do they are relics of a sexist past.

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