Saturday, July 23, 2016

Raising Kaine

When you have a lot of dishonest whining about Kaine's supposed abortion record, you KNOW the criticism is actually being leveled at the fact he is Catholic.

Never forget that many on the so-called left are just as bigoted as those on the right. Their bigotry tends to be against women, Jewish people, Catholics, and many from Christian sects.

You will never get them to admit it.

The idiot rails against the Hyde Amendment, a law that has been in effect for FORTY YEARS (and renewed thereafter), three years after Roe v. Wade, and when Tim Kaine graduated from high school, for crying out loud. The prohibition of using Medicaid funds for abortion has been around forever. Congress is not going to change the law. I suspect poor women still get abortions. Obviously poor women are still having them without resorting to coat hangers and such.

I was opposed to the Hyde amendment when it became law, but it ain't a deal breaker.

Clinton could have done way worse than Kaine. Case in point: Cory Booker.

One good thing about Kaine is he, unlike Obama, is a big supporter of public education. His wife Ann is Secretary of Education in the state of Virginia.

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