Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Republican National Convention Live Stream: Day 3

From the official YouTube link:

Or the YouTube link, which at some point will have a live chat feature.

The dubious "highlights" of the convention so far in addition to the Melania Trump debacle:

It was all hate, all the time. Vilifying Hillary Clinton, while skirting very close to making open threats against her safety. Never seen anything that horrible in any convention, but then again, this is not a normal convention.

Rudy Giuliani foamed at the mouth about terror Monday night.
A grieving mother was despicably exploited by the RNC in its attempt to toss the Benghazi non-scandal around HRC's neck.


Donald J. Trump, Jr. was trying like hell to be a bigger asshole than his dad. Spewed one ignorant talking point after another.
Tiffany Trump gave a generic speech about what a great dad her dad is, despite the fact he dumped her mother in favor of her current stepmother.
And who could forget has-been and never-was politician, Governor Chris Christie, who played judge, jury, and executioner of Hillary Clinton in a despicable show trial-type speech.
Trump showed up via video to give his blessing on the unruly affair.

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