Thursday, July 21, 2016

Republican National Convention Live Stream: Day 4

The final day of the festivities, mob mentality, or whatever you want to call it can be viewed live here:

Or at the official YouTube channel link.

For the most part, the festivities, until Ted Cruz arrived on the scene, were quite low-key. It made me wonder whether the Secret Service paid a call to some officials, who in turn had a talking to with the delegates.

Tuesday night bordered on inciting violence against a person who has been receiving Secret Service protection for many years. Not good.

Anyway, Mike Pence, the VP nominee for the GOP, was there giving his speech introducing himself to the American public, but he was a bit overshadowed and not by Trump:

However, it really was Ted Cruz's night. In case you missed the speech:

It was a good speech, I will admit it. It was also Ted's "I don't give a shit what you think" speech, which showed to millions the reason why he is so beloved by his colleagues in the United States Senate. It also tells people that his speech, as well as the non-attendance by many party regulars, that the GOP has written this election off and is preparing for 2020.


Ivanka Trump introduced her dad, and, surprisingly, she gave one of the best speeches of the convention. I cannot say the same about her father, unfortunately.

Tomorrow I will post Trump's acceptance speech video. It ran about 75 or 80 minutes, which was way overlong, but even worse because it was just a bunch incoherent rhetoric. It was a lousy speech. No specifics. HRC will tear him apart in the debates because he has NO policy proposals. That is because even though Trump isn't stupid, he just doesn't have the background in government or in the military (as with previous presidents) that would even remotely qualify him for the White House. You have to have the background to be able to even discuss issues that affect millions of people. Trump is basically a third-party candidate running on a major party ticket.

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