Thursday, July 21, 2016

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All I see here is male privilege.

I wrote in the comments: I don’t think you care much about “families” and the simple fact that the reason so many female-headed households, with kids or not, are poor is because of the family wage system. Instead of deriding the denigration of women’s pay across all occupations because of our society trying to coerce women into marriage, you ENCOURAGE what amounts to prostitution. You don’t even see the obvious 800-ton gorilla in the living room. It is the sexist labor market which is the reason women and children fare poorly. Telling women that they must in effect spread their legs out in return for sustenance is so offensive. Women should have the freedom NOT to marry, to not be forced into sexual coercion in return for financial support. Women are not going back to the dark ages, and it is time YOU MEN start realizing we are not put here to be your sex toys, your incubators, and your servants. Women want and deserve financial respect and dignity up to and including old age.

Men can be so clueless they don't even see the obvious. He talks around it but doesn't directly address the sex discrimination which lies at the root of the family wage system.

Obituary: Actress Lisa Gaye, 81, who was also one of the sisters of actress Debra Paget, has died. She was in movies often, but I remember her for making numerous appearances on television during the fifties and sixties.

She died on July 14.

Leslie Gaye Griffin was born March 6, 1935, in Denver. Her mother was an actress, and her family moved to Los Angeles after her sister Teala was signed to a contract by Paramount. Later, Debra was scooped up by 20th Century Fox. (Her mother gave each of her children a stage name.)

At the recommendation of Debra, she was screen-tested at Universal International and signed there in 1953. The studio changed her name to Lisa Gaye, and in 1954, she showed up as a bobbysoxer in The Glenn Miller Story, as a harem girl in Rhonda Fleming's Yankee Pasha and as Audie Murphy's fiancee in Drums Across the River.

I have many shows from the fifties and sixties on DVD, and Lisa could be found everywhere.

I sincerely hope Thailand gets rid of the so-called sex industry.

It is a major area of illegal trafficking in women and girls.

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