Wednesday, July 20, 2016

To Incite Violence is Not Free Speech

Chris Christie came very close with his demagoguery last night by employing his kangaroo court-style speech.

Don't ever forget this is really about sexism. No, HRC doesn't get a pass on everything because of her sex, but face it, the GOP criticisms, to say nothing of many of the Sanders supporters in the primaries, and Sanders himself, have been openly employing misogyny. You cannot underestimate this. HRC's candidacy is WAY more revolutionary in this country's history than Obama's ever was. If HRC succeeds, and she will, in being elected president, the "farm system" of running for public office will be far more favorable to women than it is now. Up to now this is what has held women back from the political big leagues. The floodgates will be open for women to run for office in greater numbers. Many men (and not a few women) cannot stand the thought of women getting real power in this country.

Christie would never be this vile if the Dems had selected a man.


Certainly, there’s nothing new about Republicans hating Clinton; they’ve been doing it for decades. Nevertheless, American presidential campaigns are not typically built around the dream of jailing the opposing candidate. Prime-time convention speakers usually pay lip service to the cliché of disagreeing without being disagreeable. Convention planners have not, in the past, staged their events like fantasy show trials. They have not sought to work their crowds into ecstasies of hatred. Those chants of “LOCK HER UP!” might be common among conservatives nowadays, but we haven’t seen their like at a modern political convention.

Christie’s speech was logically incoherent. Even if you buy his damning interpretation of Clinton’s foreign policy errors, it doesn't make sense to discuss them as matters of criminal malfeasance. Emotionally, though, that’s in keeping with how Clinton’s bitterest foes talk about her: as a person of absolute corruption, who, through some sort of occult trick, moves through the world with intolerable impunity. As many people pointed out on Twitter, the way that Christie punctuated his inquisitorial brief with the crowd’s cries of “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” made him sound less like a contemporary politician than a magistrate condemning a witch.

Christie's vile little speech:

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