Monday, August 01, 2016

First of the Month Reads

It is the hacking (and the timing of those hackings), stupid, not what was allegedly in those emails.

Obituary: One of the last of the golden age actresses, Gloria DeHaven, 91, has died. She was in many movies starting from 1936, through the golden age of the Hollywood musical, and then in television.

She died Saturday:

DeHaven’s parents were the popular vaudevillian and stage performers Carter DeHaven and Flora Parker. She and her brother, Carter DeHaven Jr., who would become a producer, would travel with their parents as they toured. She landed a bit part in Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 masterpiece “Modern Times” because her father was an assistant director on the film. She also had a small part in Chaplin’s 1940 satire, “The Great Dictator.”

She was signed to an MGM contract in 1940 and appeared in “Susan and God,” while also singing with orchestras, including Bob Crosby’s band. She appeared in several musicals during the early '40s, most notably 1943’s “Best Foot Forward” and 1944’s “Step Lively,” in which she was loaned out from MGM to RKO.

"He went batshit crazy." That sums up the Madman of Manhattan perfectly.

Noted dirty trickster Roger Stone continues his slander of people.

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