Thursday, August 25, 2016


Obituaries: Jeanne Martin, 89, second wife of famed singer Dean Martin, has died after a battle with cancer. She died just three weeks after one of her children, Ricci, had died.

She was Martin's one great love. He never did stop loving her even after they divorced. It was a shame the marriage didn't work out.

Jeanne outlived two of the three children she had with Martin.

They were married in 1949, and when Dean gained custody of his four children from his first marriage, Jeanne began raising them. Three children of their own followed: Dean Paul, Gina, and Ricci.

The couple became the toast of Hollywood, often photographed and considered among the happiest celebrity couples. That perception ended when they announced their divorce in 1969. When it was finalized in 1972, Dean remarried, though Jeanne never did. After a period of estrangement, they became friends again upon the death of their son, Dean Paul, in 1987. They remained friendly until Dean's death in 1995.


Dr. Donald Henderson, 87, died on August 19. He is credited with helping to eradicate smallpox. He died from complications of a broken hip.

“Smallpox has been called one of the most loathsome diseases,” Henderson told The Washington Post in 1979. “I know that no matter how many visits I made to smallpox wards filled with seriously ill and dying patients, I always came away shaken.”

Henderson directed tens of thousands of field workers who ventured into countries plagued by conditions such as war, poverty, and political instability. They used a strategy called ring vaccination that located smallpox patients, isolated them, vaccinated everyone who had contact with the victims, and then vaccinated everyone who had contact with those people.


Another fool dies while engaging in extreme sports:

Polli's YouTube videos of wingsuit BASE jumping were wildly popular, with millions watching his amazing flights. Among the most-watched was his 2013 video of a flight through the opening of "Batman Cave" in Montserrat, Spain. The narrow opening seemed like an impossible target – until Polli sailed right through at 155 miles per hour after dropping from a helicopter.

Born June 26, 1985 in Norway, Polli held dual Italian and Norwegian citizenship. He began as a skydiver, achieving proficiency in that sport before he began BASE jumping, leaping from cliffs or mountains or buildings in a wingsuit and soaring through the air for long distances before opening a parachute at the last minute. He was among the first to take on the challenge of flying in a wingsuit, beginning his practice of the sport just a few years after the suits were developed.


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