Friday, August 05, 2016

Some Friday Reads

Hillary Clinton picks up another important endorsement on her way to a massive blowout in November.

She doesn't have to do much to win. All she has to do is highlight competence and experience, which Trump does not have.

Here is the latest brief in the Washoe County School District case where a principal has appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court on her dismissal.

I was never given any kind of opportunity to "improve" and nothing was ever implemented in my case. I could have won big had I know my rights when the assholes terminated me eight years ago.

Another early newspaper endorsement, as the San Francisco Chronicle has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president:

A long and contentious presidential primary season has revealed plenty about the policy command, temperament and discipline of the major-party nominees. The contrast could not be more profound. One candidate is fit for the presidency. The other is not.

About time some people in support of women's rights who are not religious rightists have said enough is enough with Obama's perverted and illegal interpretation of Title IX.

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