Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Reads and Misc

The author does have a point.

To be perfectly nasty about it, it is all about the notion that men, poor babies, just can't help themselves. It is all about them getting hard or not getting hard, depending on what is being forced on women in terms of clothing.


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte made a total ass out of himself.

Who is next? David Duke for Trump campaign manager?

It doesn't matter how good Nate Parker's film is. The fact is he is done in show business.

Not only should the film not be considered for any award, it should be pulled from circulation and shelved.

To repeat: The victim was gang-raped by both Parker and Celestin. Celestin was convicted but the conviction was overturned and the case not retried. That is not "exoneration," let alone vindication. Parker was acquitted because of having had consensual sex with the victim prior. In other words, the stupid jury didn't understand that it isn't consensual if the woman is unconscious and/or intoxicated. Having a previous consensual relationship has no bearing on a rape.

These criminals were allowed to go on with their lives like nothing had happened, embraced by Hollywood, and their film work praised to the rafters. The woman they raped had her life utterly destroyed and she committed suicide.

The movie should be shelved and all prints destroyed. Parker and Celestin should be kicked out of the movie business. The two belong in prison, not living a life of privilege and prestige.

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