Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Reads

Missed this good article from the primary season about the "hidden" sexism against Hillary Clinton by white males.

It is based on white male privilege and the ingrained assumption women aren't good for anything except fucking and having babies. The author doesn't say that, but he alludes to the stereotypes these dudes hold that women be "caring and nurturing" while men, because they have cocks and balls and upper body strength, they are seen as "leaders." It is all that "complementary" bullshit that says because men and women have different genitalia, they must have different interests and personality traits. They are two halves of one whole and not real people individually. This is especially true with regard to women, who are still seen as absolutely useless unless some man owns them. It is even apparent in the double standard in this year's Olympics, where women athletes are being denigrated.

Gag me with a spoon. No wonder so many of us women have turned away from men en masse. As long as so many of them are incapable of putting themselves in others' shoes, they aren't worth bothering with.

Rant of the day.

Or is it?

I am known to use foul language, but mine falls far short of this guy who claims to be a Trump supporter:

“You’ve gotten so stupid, so decidedly self-destructive, that it doesn’t seem like an accident,” he continued. “It seems like you’re a political suicide bomber, intent on destroying not just the Republican Party, but also the United States.”

Harsh! Surely, he can’t get any nastier than that, right?


“You are reminiscent of a monkey in the zoo, who stops playing with himself only long enough to throw turd balls at America,” he fumed at one point.

What did this talking head expect? Trump is the end result of nearly fifty years of the GOP "southern strategy" and its embrace of the scam of neoliberalism asking the masses to part with their wallets in order to support the leeches at the top of the economic dung heap.

A few new obits to very briefly mention:

Musician James Woolley, only 50, died this past weekend, his ex-wife announced.

Director Arthur Hiller, known for his work on the shitty 1970 film Love Story, which in turn was based on an even shittier book, has died at the age of 92.

Swedish model and actress Gita Hall, 82, passed away on August 13.

Noted jazz musician Bobby Hutcherson, 75, has died after a long bout with emphysema.


Somehow I don't think Jenner will starve.

The death of a career? Nate Parker may go the way of Bill Cosby.

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