Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yep, I Noticed It Also

This year's Olympic Games, unlike previous years, have been heavily sexed-up when it comes to female athletes. Once again, broadcasters do not get it at all.

It isn't about the "right" of male viewers to masturbate to various female athletes when they are wearing makeup, elaborate hairstyles, bikini bottoms including events like track and field, but it is about the double standard involved when male athletes are not subjected to the same thing.

The men dressed in these events like they always have, and nobody sits there and talks about how they look like fashion models. They are considered competent, hell, exceptional, at what they do.

Women, however, are supposed to look like beauty queens even when they are setting world records in various events.

No wonder people like Caster Semenya feel so self-conscious, and I think that goes beyond the physical disability that she has. I watched her last night in the 800-meter women's finals, for which she won the gold medal but ran far short of the world record. She had such a sad expression on her face. That poor woman has been totally humiliated like nobody has ever been. I have mixed feelings as to whether she should have been allowed in the games at all, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her because she had been so humiliated.

Of course the asshole producers at NBC weren't going to force her to sex up for the cameras. Ditto for the "older" female athletes--those past their early thirties which there were quite a few. They for the most part didn't get all gussied up for the cameras. It was mainly the younger women, those women who still are considered "fuckable" for male viewers.

You'd have thought Roger Ailes was producing the Olympics.

I hope it is not this way in 2020.

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