Saturday, September 10, 2016

It Has ALWAYS Been About Sexism

That is what is at the root of the hatred toward Hillary Clinton. Stupid white dudes and some stupid women can't stand the fact she is about to destroy the ultimate glass ceiling once and for all.

The hatred towards her is far worse than what was leveled at Obama and of course stems from before her husband was president. I believe the reason is because she could easily be president herself.

Given the anxieties that powerful women provoke, it’s not surprising that both men and women judge them more harshly than they judge powerful men. A 2010 study by Victoria L. Brescoll and Tyler G. Okimoto found that people’s views of a fictional male state senator did not change when they were told he was ambitious. When told that a fictional female state senator was ambitious, however, men and women alike “experienced feelings of moral outrage,” such as contempt, anger, and disgust.

But while both men and women are often critical of powerful women, men are more likely to react aggressively. A study published last year by researchers at Northwestern, Washington State, and Bocconi University, in Italy, reported that men negotiating with a female hiring manager demanded more money than those negotiating with a male one. Another recent study, this one by University of South Florida researchers, showed that after men had their gender identity threatened, they placed riskier bets. Feeling subordinate to women may also lead men to act recklessly in their private lives. According to the University of Connecticut’s Christin Munsch, men who are economically dependent on their wives are more likely than others to be unfaithful.

Many men are completely hopeless. They are just going to have to suck it up and take it.

Women have led countries for years without incident. It is about to happen in this country.

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