Monday, September 26, 2016

Live Stream of First Presidential Debate

The Washington Post, among numerous other sources, as a YouTube channel where you can watch the thing.

I will put the embed here:

As the cartoon below illustrates, the bar is set at ground level for the Yammering Yam. As long as he doesn't pee in his pants, he will be declared the "winner," by the idiot pundits who are on the take.

Hillary Clinton merely has to breathe and she will be called "shrill," "cold," "non-smiling," "not deferential enough to men," and all of that other sexist shit we have come to expect.

It was the most lopsided debate ever televised. Trump is completely out of his league. He didn't prepare for shit. He gave sound bites coupled with word salad.

Lester Holt, when he was around, didn't have much in the way of control of the debate.

HRC should easily win this election. I don't think it was ever in doubt.

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