Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Of Course It Is Sexism

It has nothing to do with the media-propagated "scandals"--which don't exist about Hillary Clinton. It is simply because she is a woman that fuel the opposition to her.

It ain't just limited to voting for Trump. The "progressive left" men--and it is almost all men--who support Jill Stein, a dingbat who is even less qualified than Donald Trump to be president--go around and claim they aren't against a woman, just "this" woman, are a pack of liars.

They support Stein BECAUSE she is unelectable. We women who were around in the 1960s and early 1970s know the score.

Parton has it right although Obama hasn't faced the hatred Clinton has.

The comments from the mostly dudes following the Parton article are revealing. They cannot admit they can't stand the thought of a woman leading the country. They can't stand it because these pricks think women are nothing but holes for them to stick their dicks into. Women are not human beings to them at all. Besides, women are the biggest critics of sexual liberation, especially women on the left, and these dudes can't stand it. As long as women spread their legs and don't get uppity, these "progressive" men will tolerate them. But if they want to be something more than that or something other than that, these dudes have no use for them at all.

These men, on all parts of the political spectrum, are going to have to get used to the fact women aren't going back. Ever.

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