Monday, September 26, 2016

ONLY Four Years?

To read this Reddit discussion, you would think the article or study or whatever it is was grossly underestimating how much time women--wives mostly--put in unpaid just to keep some high-maintenance dude happy.

I thank God every day of my life I rejected the marriage bullshit. The only drawback to never being married is having to be the sole support and trying to get back on track in the event of a job loss. It is having to deal with the far-lower standard of living, which men as a group deliberately force on women to coerce them into marriage while the men in return get the sexual access and free domestic service. I always held fast, however. I will be damned if I am going to spread my legs for some dude in exchange for a higher standard of living. It is not worth it.

I knew marriage was bullshit from a very early age, as early as eight years old. It was from around 1963 and long before I heard of Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique, which was published that year. I knew from observation that once girls grew up, their lives would mostly be made up of being servants to some stupid men, and I wanted none of that shit whatsoever.

I was a rebel long before it was fashionable. I rejected the script and am grateful I did.

Most women, though, fall for the gaslighting forced on them from the time they are toddlers to look forward to being some wifey of some guy, pop out "his" kids, and live happily ever after.

Many women, perhaps most, still internalize the bullshit they are nothing but somebody's wife, somebody's mother, and somebody's grandmother, etc. It is all relationships. Most of these women have few interests apart from family life. Their lives center around some stupid jackass of a guy. No wonder friendships with women were difficult for me because I had very little in common with most women.

Still don't, and I don't have much in common with most men.

Anyway, here is a snip about what this study about women's unpaid labor says:

Time spent by women around the world on paid and unpaid labour amounts to an extra month for every year of work.

The charity ActionAid will present the report, Not Ready, Still Waiting, at the United Nations general assembly on Thursday.

Highlighting the global burden of unpaid care work on women, the report finds that a woman living in the UK can expect to do two and a half years more labour than her male peers over her working life.

The report warns that the burden of unpaid care work limits women’s opportunities to pursue income-generating options, to have their voices heard in decision-making and political activities, and for rest and leisure.

To redress the balance, ActionAid is calling for governments – especially in developing countries where women are more likely to be affected – to deliver quality public care services, pass equal pay and family-friendly workplace legislation and agree minimum living wages, among other solutions.

Of course companies and countries will NEVER do that. Men won't allow women to make enough money to have lives independent of them. The biggest affront to men as a group is women who go their own way.

The almost negligible number of women with "high-paying careers" notwithstanding, most women are still coerced into marriage chiefly through economics.

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