Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday Reads

Of course the FBI report exonerates Hillary Clinton, but the wingnuts and the media don't give a shit.

Funny how Scaife retreads Larry Klayman and David Bossie are once again returning, just like a pair of rotting plugged nickels.

The Defenders (CBS, 1961-1965) was one of my mother's favorite television series, but unfortunately it never got syndicated to any extent so that future generations could enjoy it. That is until recently, when Shout put out season one of the show on DVD. I immediately bought it, and binged watched clear through it as I was recovering from my ankle injury in July.

A well-known television writer reviews the series.

Many of the episodes are way ahead of their time, especially the abortion episode, "The Benefactor." Since the episode was clearly in favor of legalizing the procedure, it couldn't be made today.

“The Defenders” first went into production in 1960, and spent months in limbo as its high-minded approach did not ascribe to the “broads, bosoms and fun” formula favored by then CBS president James Aubrey. But the series had a fan in the network’s founder, William Paley. He added “The Defenders” to the 1961-62 lineup, staving off growing criticism in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission over TV’s lack of quality fare. By that time, the aspirations of TV’s first golden age had largely given way to the Hollywood studios, which supplied the networks with westerns and caper shows filled with pretty-boy stars. “The Defenders” countered that trend. Filmed in New York, the series used Broadway players and Actors Studio members, who brought authenticity and ethnic diversity to the guest casts in most weeks. Martin Sheen and James Earl Jones landed their earliest TV roles in the first season.

I hope Shout will release the entire series on DVD.

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