Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Etc.: Fainting Edition

Hillary Clinton apparently got overheated on a NYC humid summer day and left a 9/11 ceremony somewhat early after feeling faint.

She went to her daughter's place, and it wasn't long before she was back outside waving at the crowds.

It sounds like some dehydration. The older you get, the more often you can get it, and it is nothing to mess with.

Of course the media, in the tank for Trump, will try and make a big deal out of it.

Chris Cillizza is clearly in the tank for Donald Trump. Note he makes no demands that Trump release his medical records.

Another article which says the "concern" over HRC's health is a load of bullshit:

Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza already has a “The Fix” column up with a grave headline intoning, “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign.” Cillizza takes issue with the fact that reporters weren’t allowed to follow her after her episode and that the statement that she’s doing well came a whopping 90 minutes later.

It’s an odd complaint, as though it were somehow a slap in the face of transparency to have some privacy while recovering from a near-fainting episode and to determine that nothing serious was going on. Cillizza tries to draw a line from Clinton’s “coughing” to this episode, hinting that they must be linked to some hidden health issue instead of being nonspecific responses to obvious, current factors (respectively being overheated, talking nonstop on the campaign trail).

I infer that we’re supposed to find it an urgent national concern here that … what? Clinton is actually going to die in office because she felt faint and coughed six days apart?

It’s difficult being human and constantly in the public eye. Both Bushes had episodes that caused similar furors—Bush the elder vomited and fainted in Japan during a state dinner and Bush the younger turned up with an obvious head injury that was blamed on a pretzel choking incident—in the White House. A trip, a stumble, a coughing fit, being light-headed from overheating. It’s all very human and imperfect, but it’s not particularly ominous.

And I say sexism lies at the root of it.


She was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday.

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