Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Reads

I knew the rumor Gennifer Flowers was actually going to be at tomorrow's presidential debate was a load of bullshit.

Of course she won't be there. Trump was talking out of his ass after reports billionaire or fellow billionaire (depending on how much money Trump actually has) Mark Cuban would be an invited guest at Hofstra University.

Only invited guests are allowed to attend the debates. The general public isn't allowed in. I am sure the invitations had been sent out weeks ago.

Why in the hell would anybody vote for Gary Johnson? The guy is batshit crazy.

Maybe the rumors about Weld planning to quit the ticket aren't just rumors.

Obituary: Major league baseball player Jose Fernandez, only 24, was killed earlier today in a boating accident:

The Marlins' game against the Atlanta Braves Sunday was canceled as a result of the news, but other games will go on, Samson said.

"When you watch kids playing little league... that's the joy that Jose played with - and the passion he felt about playing," said Marlins Manager Don Mattingly, stopping mid-sentence to wipe away tears. He appeared too emotionally shaken to continue.

Fernández was born in Cuba and defected to the United States as a 15-year-old in 2008.

Drafted by the Marlins in 2011, he went on to become the franchise's star pitcher, named National League Rookie of the Year 2013 and a two-time All-Star.

Obituary: Prospect Point, believed to be the oldest thoroughbred in North America, was euthanized Friday at the age of 38:

Prospect Point last raced on July 10, 1985, in a $1,500 claimer at Waterford Park. Earle acquired the horse in 1988 and put him to use as a show hunter.

“I had him for 28 years and I am so grateful that I acquired him,” said Earle, who lives in Pageland, South Carolina. “He was such a great guy for me. He took care of me and I promised him I’d do everything to take care of him as long as he wanted to be around. I was so grateful every day that he was there. This has been devastating.

Sociopaths cannot be redeemed, and that is what johns are by definition.

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