Saturday, September 24, 2016

When I Am 197 Years Old,

women will receive "wage parity" with men, according to this article which spews all kinds of nonsense as to why women are underpaid.

The ONLY way women will EVER get "wage parity" with men is if all men's pay is cut down to women's levels.

THAT is the only reason women are even making as much as they are against men, for women's pay is denigrated all across the board, across all occupations. The wage gap has closed only because of outsourcing of male-dominated jobs and weakening of unions. It is not so much women are making more but that men are making less.

The report is here.

I don't need to read the same old horseshit about lifestyles and "career choices." They are LIES. The only reason women make less is because men as a group have rigged the economic system so that women are dependent financially on men in exchange for sexual access and domestic service. The two-tier wage system of primary and secondary earners, the notion of the "family wage," are reflections of this.

It doesn't matter what fields women enter--they are denigrated. It doesn't matter if they never marry or have children--they still have no wage parity with men, and this is reflected in their impoverished status in retirement. If women dominate a field, the pay and prestige go down.

Nobody wants to tell the truth about this because it is too uncomfortable to face the reality that women's work is denigrated because men as a group do NOT want women to have lives independent of them.

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