Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where the Hell is the Parental Responsibility?

I saw this episode on 48 Hours last night about the murder of a 13-year-old girl by a pair of college students who employed an app called Kik to lure her in. The focus of the episode was on the horrors of predators and the responsibility of app makers rather than where it truly belongs, and that is with the parents who allow their kids access to cellphones and smartphones.

I could rant for hours about the use of these devices. Kids do NOT need these devices--EVER. Previous generations got along fine without having phones to their ears and texting 24/7. They are not necessary for safety reasons. Parents just don't want to closely monitor their kids--they want the lazy way out of texting and calling when they feel like it.

I almost go so far as to legally prohibit them for minors, just like limiting alcohol use or cigarette use. Parents who allow their kids cellphones and smartphones are irresponsible. It is like giving their kids loaded weapons.

I won't even go into the naked pictures bit, which can destroy kids down the road in terms of jobs because this garbage NEVER leaves the internet, once posted there.

The parents profiled in this show do not seem to understand their part in these tragedies. It is the fault of the app maker, it is the fault of other people. Never mind they GAVE the kids access to smartphones--devices children and teens do not need.

Frankly, they aren't necessary at all for adults. They could go back to landlines.

Lots of us live without smartphones and function just fine, thank you.

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