Friday, October 14, 2016

Another Accuser Comes Forward

There are more who have come forward.

And another woman had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to Trump in 1993 at a White House Correspondents Dinner and listen to him make disparaging remarks about women's looks:

Vendela Kirsebom is a Swedish former model and Sports Illustrated cover girl, and she recently spoke with The Daily Mail about the time she and Trump were guests at the White House’s Correspondents’ Association dinner in 1993. As she recalled, Kirsebom said that she had to be ask to be moved to another table because Trump kept on making “excruciating” comments about women’s breasts.

“Everything he said was so vulgar. I couldn’t listen to his nonsense for an entire night so I asked if I could be moved,” Kirsebom said. “He talked about big breasts, small breasts, how one was better than the other and the differences between them.”

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter said that he sat Kirsebom next to Trump because he thought she’d “get a kick out of him.” Instead, Kirsebom said that she tearfully begged him to seat her somewhere else, and that she was particularly disturbed that Trump was also degrading women over their body sizes.

There are probably dozens more.

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